Everyone likes projects. Here is a home for everything else that is not sample pack related. Click the blue buttons for more documentation on a project.

Designed, 3D printed, and developed the software. Based on the Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040 chip) microcontroller to keep it cheap (~$5).

Passive DIY magloop antenna for listening to electromagnetic radiation. Fun for sound design and such (lots of fun buzzes, and a surprising variation in sound based on the source).

Want to know what a Shrek drawn in 60 seconds by you on a phone screen looks like? Find out here.

Laser harp that plays sounds as beams are broken. Based on a Teensy 4.0 + Audio Shield, a bunch of Alibaba parts, and a 3D printed enclosure.

My wife makes great soap but has to use not-so-great tools to calculate recipes. So I made a nicer one, and learned some new tools and frameworks along the way.

A collection of things I designed for 3d printing. All over the place (pencils, project enclosures, etc.)